De-Funk yourself: possibly helpful ways to get out of a rut

By Bold Apps

De-Funk yourself: possibly helpful ways to get out of a rut

Not going to lie had a bit of a hard time trying to think of something to talk about this week.  Actually I had an idea and just couldn’t bring it to life. I’m sure I will later but for now…meh.  Anyone else ever get like that when the seasons start to shift? I feel…unsettled.

A lot of stuff is up in the air for me right now, mainly, my US visa. It’s set to renew all the paperwork is in and this time it should be for (hopefully) 10 years.  Then again, who knows, things happen and with the current administration, who knows anymore? I’m resting on my laurels a bit; scared to make any moves in fear I may not be allowed to live in this country soon.  My mind keeps going through “if, then” scenarios and I get a little frazzled. Some might call it being in a funk. I’m sure everything will turn out fine but you know how worry can be? All consuming sometimes.

Enough about my sob story though, this blog exists to uplift people and bring tangible ways to increase productivity and happiness (and also, coffee).  So, in lieu of whining for a few paragraphs, I’d like to share a few things I go to, in no particular order, to feel better and de-funkify:

  1.  Meditate – guided with an app (I like Insight Timer) is the only way I can do this, and admittedly sometimes I fall asleep but, I ALWAYS feel better, even if it’s marginal.
  1.  Read – Doesn’t matter what, just try to get out of your head and relax for at least 10 minutes.
  1.  Listen to a podcast.  I like Project Life Mastery Podcast because Stefan James is a young entrepreneur who has an obsession to improve himself in all areas of his life and works to help others do the same.    
  1. Brain Dumping… actually sitting down and writing out long hand everything that is in your mind. Gets it all out on paper and you’re able to relax a bit more.
  1. Walk outside, preferably in the woods/beach – I don’t know why but I just feel different after being outside… better.  Nice little article on being in nature and the effects on our psyche.
  2. Do something nice for yourself.  I love to take myself out for a coffee if you haven't already guessed.  I was on 3-5 flat whites a day when I was living in Auckland - that's a lot of money at 4-5 nzd a pop and a lot of coffee (maybe too much? is that a thing?), but it was one thing that I truly looked forward to. 

Now, I’m not perfect, I have been known to reach for food and/or alcohol to deal with funks like this, but, I’ll tell you, it’s not worth it.  You may feel better momentarily but in general, everything gets worse. You start to feel lower on energy because you’re making poorer choices and it just does no good. Once you can recognize and put a label on what’s bothering you or even just simply that something’s just not feeling right, you’re better equipped to deal with it in a more positive way.

Man, I hope no one else is in a funk because they are not fun(ky), but if you are, I hope this helps ☺