Five gift ideas under $100

By Tyler Workman

Five gift ideas under $100

1. For the health conscious individual an Air Fryer is the perfect gift!  It cooks everything from lean proteins to french fries, without all the extra oil and therefore without all the excess fat.  Having and Air Fryer at home has been pretty revolutionary for my diet and my sanity.  This device will make those New Years resolutions easier to stick to and a heck of a lot tastier.  You’re welcome.


2. For the lady in your life, a piece of Amy Vander Els jewelry would be spot on.  Delicate, unique and very elegant with some pieces sporting a bit of an edge. Amy’s jewelry is handmade in our hometown and is what you want to give to your lady if you’re trying to say; hey I think you’re perfect just the way you are but here’s some beautiful bling, because you deserve it.


3. For the Environmentalist, Beeswax food wraps! Holy toledo batman, these babies are reusable, antibacterial and all natural – can’t get any better than that!  Takes a bit to get used to but if you’re like me you’re pretty psyched to not have to run outside in the frigid cold as often to take the trash out.  Win.


4. For the person who has cold feet and tries to snuggle you with them, insert The Wheat Sack! Pop these suckers in the microwave for 1-2 minutes place at the bottom of your bed and voila, going to bed is now pleasant again!  Bonus, can also be used as a heating bad for cramps and sore muscles. Yes, I know, genius.


5. For the Coffee loving connoisseur in your life, KAHA Coffee is without a doubt the perfect gift.  Come on, what kind of business owner would I be if I didn’t toot my own horn just a little. Toot toot.