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Goal Digging: Tips for taking it one day at a time

By kahacoffee Admin

Goal Digging: Tips for taking it one day at a time

This past week I wrote a little post about being patient with the process of getting to your ultimate goal.  Whatever goal you’re after, whether it be anything from career to health and beyond, our current atmosphere is one of little patience when it comes to reaching for that finish line.  We see our goal, we may or may not know what steps to take to get there but we want it all to happen ASAP or within a certain timeline.  Except, here’s the thing: life happens! Unforeseen situations/issues/opportunities arise and that shit can throw us off track.  Good or bad we have to be flexible and patient, always willing to pivot whenever we set out to reach our objective.   Easier said than done, aye? Here’s a few tips for when you’re frustrated AF (because we all experience it) and need a little reminder to bring it back in and continue chipping away one day at a time.


  1. Break down into actionable steps/mini milestones – I don’t know what it is about having a list and slowly but surely ticking everything off as you achieve it but damn, it’s satisfying. That list my be never ending as things pop up all the time but just having a plan set out in front of you helps tremendously.
  2. Ask for help or hire it if you can – Do some research and find someone who has done what you want to do. You probably won’t hear back from Bill Gates but there are other people (maybe start locally to you) who would most likely be more than willing to have a conversation with you or answer questions via email.  If you can’t think of anyone, ask a friend/relative/coworker/stranger if they know someone.  Six degrees of separation is for realllll.  
  3. Celebrate ALL mini milestones achieved – Did the laundry today? Treat yoself! Secured funding for a project? Treat yoself! Got your first client? Treat yoself! Acknowledging your accomplishments is a great form of self-care. Creating and harnessing memories of achievement significantly helps you through obstacles or times of self-doubt as then you can draw on those memories to remind yourself how far you’ve come and what you can attain when you put your mind to something.
  4. Stay in your lane – oh lawd, this one’s a doozy! In our current world, social media reigns supreme.  At any given time you log on to facebook, Instagram etc some influencer or wanna be influencer (Hi, it me!) who may or may not be in your industry is just totally nailing it.  Their feed looks on point, they post regularly but not too much, they’re getting awards and they are just so darn perfect that you obviously suck and could never be like them. Wamp wamp wamp. Spirit diminishes; dreams are put off, all because Super Fun Coffee Roasters is (seemingly) crushing it.  Well, News Flash my darlings – everything is not what it seems.  I know from personal experiences, going to cafes that look amazing online but their coffee is yuck, meeting influencers who online seem warm and fuzzy but in person are cold and guarded – it. ain’t. real. Get off social, use it as a tool for business or a way to communicate with friends and nothing more.  Another thing, these people or businesses you admire on social are not you and THAT is your secret weapon.  Blue Ocean Strategy is a great read for anyone in business who thinks it’s all been done before (because a lot of it has).
  5. Gratitude lists – So much to say about practicing gratitude I don’t know where to begin.  When you list what you are grateful for everyday, your world shifts. Don’t believe me? Try it.  You see and appreciate little moments and things as the greatest blessings and even though you may not have the car/house/income/body of your dreams you’ve got xyz.  A roof over your head.  Your health. A partner. A dog. A cat. Your children. Food. Great Medical care.  Clean water.  I use to think it was annoying when I’d be complaining and people would mention all these things I had to be grateful for BUT it’s the truth.  The car/house/income, it’s only going to amplify the person you already are – so if you think you don’t have enough right now wait til you have all that and still aren’t happy. Happiness is a habit anyone can cultivate, start with being grateful as much as possible.

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