Tying in a ritual of self improvement with your already in place morning cuppa

By Bold Apps

Tying in a ritual of self improvement with your already in place morning cuppa

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs or are following us on Instagram you know we’re a little into personal development.  Ok, fine, a lot. When we decided to start KAHA it was, at first, only a coffee roasting dream with little to no thought towards our mission or how we’d stand apart from the rest.  We’re figuring it out though!  By trying different things, networking, asking for help, lots of talking and heaps of trial and error.  

Both of us have felt a pretty incredible shift over the past few years ever since we started working, very consciously, on improving ourselves through a variety of self help mediums.  The best find so far has been the BEST SELF Journal, hands down.  Starting our mornings and ending our days with gratitude, block scheduling our days, and recapping wins and losses, has been a serious game changer.  For more about that, see previous blog, Master the day.

So, we’ve been beating our brains for a while now, wanting to add that sort of personal development touch to our message and ultimately to our coffee so that we can improve the lives of our customers.  We decided to become affiliates with Best Self co to offer you a great product that’s the perfect compliment to improving your already established morning coffee ritual (if you drink coffee, you have a ritual, trust).  As soon as you smell that coffee-brewing let it be a cue to sit down and start your journal.  By weaving in the sense of smell as a trigger to start your self-care practice, you’re setting yourself up for a tuned in day.  Great start, right? We think so too! 

We want to continue to deliver as many ways, tips, and tricks that have helped us survive and at times even thrive in this crazy world of adulting and entrepreneurship.  If you’ve tried the BSJ, let us know what you think, and tell us about your improvements