Vermont Coffee Scene and Barista things

By Bold Apps

Vermont Coffee Scene and Barista things

Tyler and I made our way to Vermont last weekend to take part in a couple of our favorite things, coffee and snowboarding.  This all came about because I (Tina) felt removed from our business.  I have a full time job outside of KAHA while I’m also in charge of our social media, newsletters, and blogs (most of the time).  Being pregnant, my brain just does not work like it use to and so I felt like I became a little out of the loop with our message and all things coffee and really just useless.  So what do you do when you feel out of alignment? You seek it. 


We booked a barista course at the Coffee Lab International in VT and decided that would be a great short course that I could do to gain more knowledge and add another element to our business.  And Tyler thought it would be a great opportunity for him to finally go snowboarding (since he’s already a superb barista).  :)


The Barista course at the School of Coffee is 2 days roughly 8 hours each day and goes into detail on everything that affects the ultimate cup of coffee.  From the way your customer is greeted to milk quality to the latte art, we went over it all and had heaps of hands on experience.  The course is an SCA certification at an additional cost as well. 


After consulting with the trainer he presented us with a fantastic idea – that we should offer barista training to our partners and eventually as a course.  Hey, why not?! Tyler and I are happy to announce that starting April 2019 we are adding a barista training as part of an incentive to restaurants and cafes whether you carry our coffee or not.  We’re still working out the details, as we want to make it custom to each café or restaurant depending on their equipment and desired revenue goals.  The profit margin on coffee is pretty substantial, especially when you offer more than just a drip coffee, you have the right training and offer a consistently good product.  Hey, it's worth a chat, right?  As of right now this is by appointment only and inquiries can be sent to