Honduras Finca La Cueva Single Origin

Honduras Finca La Cueva Single Origin

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Notes of: Honey, Clementine, with a Smooth Finish

We are excited for the launch of our newest single origin coffee: Honduras – Finca La Cueva. This unique offering is a microlot of the highly desirable Catuai varietal grown by renowned coffee farmer Roger Antonio Domínguez Márquez. Roger owns several farms in La Paz, Marcala, including the 4.23-hectare plot called Finca La Cueva which has about 18,000 coffee trees. He not only works with his family on his own farms, but he also sources coffee from his neighbors, paying them considerably higher than they would get otherwise from intermediary buyers.

Catuai is a hybrid variety of the parents Caturra and Mundo Novo . It is a productive dwarf variety notable for being less likely to drop its cherries in strong wind or rain. After picking is complete, the cherry is depulped the same day, dry fermented in tanks for 18 hours, washed three times, and dried on raised beds for 12–15 days on average. The attention to detail in Roger’s processing technique is very noticeable and is the leading reason this coffee has such pronounced notes of Clementine – a very desirable flavor amongst specialty coffee lovers.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the “origin” story of Honduras isn’t clear. Reports vary about when and how coffee first came to the country, though conventional wisdom puts the first noteworthy harvest year in 1804, in the Comayagua department. No matter when the plants were first brought here, they have played an increasingly significant role in the national economy since then—so much so that credit is largely given to coffee for preventing the national government from going bankrupt during financial crisis in 2009. Honduras has seen increased notoriety in the world of specialty coffee for high quality and unique coffees such as this microlot from Finca La Cueva and Roger Antonio Domínguez Márquez.

As with most high quality specialty coffee, this coffee is protected by GrainPro hermetic storage solutions to protect the freshness of the coffee while protecting it from mycotoxins due to mold/fungus growth which can compromise the integrity of a specialty coffee.

Roast Level: Light Roast TypeFilter Roast - The goal for this coffee was to showcase what an incredible result high quality processing can have on the flavor profile of roasted coffee. After some roast profile development and some tasting, or what we refer to in the coffee industry as cupping, we found that the attributes we were looking for came to the forefront when this coffee was dropped into our coffee roaster at a hotter temperature compared to our other coffee offerings. Higher than usual airflow and flame energy were used in this roast cycle, all the way up to first crack. Once we had a rolling first crack (lots of coffee cracking & popping) we turned the heat completely off and increased airflow slightly higher, allowing for a more convection style roast to occur and help round this coffee off and aid in the development Honey notes all without sacrificing those amazing notes of Clementine.  

Recommended Brew Methods: Hario V60, Bee House Brewer, Kalita Wave, Clever Brewer, French Press, AeroPress and Drip Coffee Machine. 


Honduras Finca La Cueva Coffee Details

ORIGIN Honduras, Central America

Marcala, La Paz

ALTITUDE 1350 masl
FARM Finca La Cueva
FARMER Roger Antonio Domínguez Márquez