Kenya Babu Tembo Single Origin

Kenya Babu Tembo Single Origin

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Notes of: Rich Cocoa, Papaya, Full Body


We are absolutely excited to bring you this incredible offering from Kenya. Kenyan AA coffees are world renowned for their rich, full body, vibrant acidity, and fragrant aroma. When sampling and cupping coffees for our next single origin offering, this Kenyan Babu Tembo stood out for its unique and memorable combination of flavors and characteristics.

Some notable attributes that make this coffee really stand out are:

• Very pronounced notes of fruity papaya up front, with a rich chocolate aftertaste
• A full bodied coffee from a light/medium roast - a very unique attribute
• A fruit forward aroma that perfectly compliments the overall cup profile
• A coffee that absolutely shines with manual brewing methods, with many unique flavor notes to be had


This coffee is largely made up of the renowned SL28 coffee variety, that is popular amongst Kenyan coffee farmers for its high cup quality. This variety's taste shines through in this offering with sweet, fruity papaya notes, a lively tangy acidity, and a nice full body which gives the coffee a wonderful texture. The result makes for a remarkable, and truly delicious, cup of coffee!

"Tembo" is the Swahili word for Elephant, which represents the strength and impact of these coffees, and we feel our hand crafted roast profile captures this name to perfection!

As with most high quality specialty coffee, this coffee is protected by GrainPro hermetic storage solutions to protect the freshness of the coffee while protecting it from mycotoxins due to mold/fungus growth which can compromise the integrity of a specialty coffee.

Roast Level: Light/Medium Roast TypeFilter Roast - From the start we knew we were in for a treat with this coffee. At a growing elevation of 2300 meters above sea level, we knew this coffee was going to require a lot of energy to bring out our desired flavor profile and full body, while only roasting it to a light/medium level. Generally speaking, a higher grown coffee matures slower allowing the sugars in the cherry to make their way into the coffee seed and largely increase the sweetness of the coffee. Our approach was to drop this coffee into our roaster with a hotter drum and higher airflow that we usually would. The length of the roast is relatively short, and the coffee its first crack just as it hits the cooling tray of our roaster. This approach has worked to bring out a uniquely Kenyan flavor profile, that will not be forgotten.


Recommended Brew Methods: Hario V60, Kalita Wave, Beehouse Brewer, Chemex and AeroPress. 


Current components - 100% Washed Kenya AA

Farm: Various smallholder farmers


Kenya Coffee Details

ORIGIN Kenya, Africa


ALTITUDE 1800–2300 masl
VARIETALS SL-28, SL-34, Batian, Ruiru 11, K7, French Mission