Mexico, Dos Rios | Puebla Single Origin Microlot

Mexico, Dos Rios | Puebla Single Origin Microlot

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Notes of: Sweet Caramel, Cherry, Creamy

We are excited for the launch of our newest single origin coffee Mexico, Dos Rios | Puebla. With increased attention to detail in farming practices, varietals, sorting, grading, etc. in the past decades, Mexico is emerging as a major producer of specialty coffee rivaling specialty coffees from their more famous Central American producing regions of Guatemala and Costa Rica. 

This coffee is a microlot containing a combination of three coffee varietals including Bourbon, Caturra, and Typica grown at a higher elevation than typical Mexican coffee growing regions, 1694–1744 masl (meters above sea level) which adds to the sweet and fruity flavors including sweet caramel and cherry with a creamy body and mouthfeel. We've taken this roast just past medium to unlock the best of what this coffee has to offer.  We can't wait for you to try it!

As with most high quality specialty coffee, this coffee is protected by GrainPro hermetic storage solutions to protect the freshness of the coffee while protecting it from mycotoxins due to mold/fungus growth which can compromise the integrity of a specialty coffee.

Roast Level: Medium/Dark Roast TypeFilter Roast - The goal for this coffee was to showcase how clean and sweet a high altitude grown coffee from Mexico can be. After some roast profile development and some tasting, or what we refer to in the coffee industry as cupping, we found that the attributes we were looking for came to the forefront when this coffee was dropped into the coffee roasters at a relatively cool temperature compared to our other coffee offerings, with an extended drying phase at the beginning the roast cycle. The extended drying phase is important because this is a dense bean and getting the heat to the center of the bean early on is important as it allows for proper development of the coffee and where the best sweetness is found. Once the drying phase is complete, we rapidly increase heat and airflow in order to hit first crack with enough energy to let the coffee coast just past medium roast with almost no flame needed after first crack has happened. Using ample airflow to increase convection in the final stages of this roast profile helps maintain a clean tasting coffee, where all flavor notes and characteristics of this coffee complement each other.  

Recommended Brew Methods: Clever Brewer, French Press, AeroPress and Drip Coffee Machine. 


Farm(s): Tecalzada, Patitla, Limontla, and El Centro farms


Mexico Dos Rios | Puebla Coffee Details


Dos Rios, Chichiquila, Puebla

ALTITUDE 1694–1744 masl
VARIETALS Bourbon, Caturra, Typica