Peru La Salina

Peru La Salina

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Notes of: Cherry, Manuka Honey, Delicate Finish

We are excited for the launch of our newest single origin coffee: Peru – La Salina. This unique offering is a microlot of the highly desirable Caturra varietal grown by renowned coffee farmer Tomas Fernandez Ramirez. Tomas owns the 1.5-hectare farm called La Salina, where he grows Caturra in rich clay soil. While this farm is relatively young, the coffees Tomas are producing have been exceptional quality. The coffees at La Salina are picked ripe and depulped throughout the night, after which they are fermented dry for about 25 hours give or take. In general, Tomas washes the coffee three times before it's dried for about 25 days.

The Caturra variety is a favorite amongst coffee farmers as it is a dwarf variety which makes it far easier to pick the coffee when it is at its optimal ripeness. Caturra is also considered to have excellent cup quality. Combine this with the fact that Thomas washes this coffee three times before it is dried - you really get something quite special in the cup. As with most high quality specialty coffee, this coffee is protected by GrainPro hermetic storage solutions to protect the freshness of the coffee while protecting it from mycotoxins due to mold/fungus growth which can compromise the integrity of a specialty coffee.

Roast Level: Light/Medium Roast TypeFilter Roast - The goal for this coffee was to showcase what an incredible result high quality processing on a high grown coffee can have on the flavor profile of roasted coffee. Grown at 2000 meters above seal level, this coffee is considered a true high altitude coffee. Because of this, we knew the approach to roasting needed to be slightly different if we wanted to really express what this coffee is capable of. To start with, we began this roast cycle with a hotter drum than we would typically use to begin the roast cycle. As soon as this coffee is released into the roaster - we turn down the heat 80% for two minutes. This is typically referred to as "soaking the coffee". The whole idea here is to extend the drying phase and help the heat permeate this very dense coffee bean, increasing the likelihood of maximum internal development. After that, we turn the heat up to maximum power and airflow up to about half way all the way until first crack - then we turn the heat right down and airflow up and let the coffee coast under its own steam until we are at a nice light/medium roast degree.

Recommended Brew Methods: Hario V60, Bee House Brewer, Kalita Wave, Clever Brewer, French Press, AeroPress and Drip Coffee Machines. 


Peru La Salina Coffee Details

ORIGIN Peru, South America

San Ramon, Huabal, Cajamarca

ALTITUDE 2000 masl
FARM La Salina
FARMER Tomas Fernandez Ramirez