Sumatra Bergandal

Sumatra Bergandal

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Bergandal Farm and Mill is a single estate established by a private Dutch company in 1931, growing a mix of different varieties.

The current owner of the farm, Sakdan, belongs to a family who had worked at the farm for several generations

Sakdan also runs a small Roastery and cafe adjacent to his house, where locals will bring their green coffee to be roasted to drink, and to pass the time sipping fresh brews. Sakdan keeps some interesting green coffee in stock for sale, even Natural process coffees. Cool!


Tastes like - Cacao, Toffee with a smooth mouthfeel

Region: Central Aceh
Variety's: Burbon, Ateng, Tim Tim
Process: Wet Hulled
Altitude: 5000 ft
Farm Size: 247 Acres