Burundi Mutumba Microlot

Burundi Mutumba Microlot

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Announcement: This is your last chance to get our single origin Burundi Mutumba Microlot coffee before we introduce another new and exciting single origin coffee! Supplies are extremely limited and this coffee will be selling out soon as we introduce our next single origin coffee.



When we first sampled coffee from Burundi, it was clear that this was a country we had to include in our offering. We set out to find something that would stand out and showcase how unique the coffee from Burundi is.

Processed at the Mutumba Washing Station in Mutumba, Burundi, these coffee cherries are depulped the same day they're picked, and fermented underwater for 18–24 hours before being washed for about two hours. The coffee beans are then spread on drying tables or raised beds, where they rest for about 20 days to dry. The Mutumba Washing Station is part of SOGESTAL Kayanza, a collection of 21 washing stations, and one of the most prestigious washing station management companies in the country. Burundi micro lot coffees are highly regarded and are consistently among the most desired coffees in the world.

 As with most high quality specialty coffee, this coffee is protected by GrainPro hermetic storage solutions to protect the freshness of the coffee while protecting it from mycotoxins due to mold/fungus growth which can compromise the integrity of a specialty coffee.

 After sampling a variety of delicious options, we settled on one that we knew we could work with to unlock its full potential. This coffee is a micro lot, which means it has been grown by smallholder coffee growers, separated and handled with extra care, then expertly crafted using a blend of three of the country's most desirable coffee varieties (Blue Mountain, Jackson, Mibirizi) to achieve a truly unique flavor profile. Most coffee enthusiasts are familiar with the prized variety “Blue Mountain” most famously known for being grown in Jamaica. As one of the varieties grown in Burundi, the Blue Mountain variety is known for its soft body and sugary sweetness. This can certainly be picked up in the flavor profile of this coffee, with tasting notes of brown sugar and a hint of lime.

 Our roasting approach to this coffee was slightly different to the way we usually treat our Single Origin coffees. We decided we wanted a lively cup and accentuate the delicate lime flavor in the finish. In creating this special roast profile specifically for this coffee, we took this coffee just past medium roast, using a fast and hot roast cycle.

 The result is a lively and versatile coffee that extracts very well in most brew methods. You can easily run this coffee through a drip coffee machine for a delicious late afternoon pick-me-up, but we think this coffee really shines when brewed in a French Press with a finer grind and a shorter brew time.

 We think you’ll enjoy this coffee, and we’re excited to showcase the extra attention, time, effort and energy involved in the growing, processing and roasting of this fine coffee.

Recommended brewing methods: French Press, AeroPress, Drip Coffee Maker, Hario v60.

Notes of: Brown Sugar, Lime, Lively 


Washing Station - Mutumba Washing Station

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Protected by GrainPro Hermetic Storage Solutions

Coffee Details

ORIGIN:           Mutumba, Burundi, Africa

ALTITUDE:      1500 masl

VARIETALS:    Jackson, Mibirizi, Blue Mountain

PROCESS:      Washed

HARVEST:      March–July