El Camino Blend

El Camino Blend

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Notes of: Honeydew Melon, Peach, Complex 

Our light roast blend is named after the Camino De Santiago, the 500 mile pilgrimage across Northern Spain. The El Camino blend pays homage to a special time in our founder’s life where all he had to do was walk, and to get through it, consume massive amounts of coffee.

When crafting our El Camino blend, we approached it with the following goals in mind:

  • Bright, fruit forward, complex with a floral aroma
  • Best suited to manual brewing such as the Hario V60 and AeroPress which bring out some of the more subtle and complex flavor notes
  • Can be brewed cold or over ice and still retain its complex fruit notes
  • We wanted a three dimensional profile of: Sparkling acidity, fruit, and complexity

It was the vibrant fruit forward notes of an Ethiopian coffee that first inspired our owner Tyler to dive deep into the world of specialty coffee. When we set out to create this blend, we wanted to replicate that memorable moment he had and showcase how spectacular coffees from this region can be - in the hopes that it will inspire others to look deeper into the amazing world of Specialty Coffee.

Roast Level: Light Roast Type: Filter Roast - When roasting coffee to a light roast, we aim to achieve full bean development, which allows the coffee to develop structured fruit notes, complex acidity and a long aftertaste. Our approach is to drop the coffee into the roaster at a hotter temperature with a higher airflow. The duration of the roast cycle is relatively short compared to our other offerings. A short and hot roast with higher airflow allows us to bring out a unique floral aroma and amazing fruity notes.

Recommended Brew Methods: Hario V60, Clever Dripper (hot or over ice), AeroPress, Beehouse Brewer, Kalita Wave and Chemex. 

*Like other fruits, coffee is seasonal and we love that! Because of this seasonality, we will occasionally switch out a component for another coffee variety with very similar characteristics. By changing the components with the seasons, we are able to offer the most vibrant coffee flavors all year round, which also allows for importing the freshest green coffee possible.

Current components - 100% Washed Ethiopia Tega - Grade 1

Ethiopian Coffee Details

ZONE District of Gibo
Sub Village Tega village
HARVEST September–January
ALTITUDE 1830–1890 masl

Tega (Tega and Tula Coffee Farm)