KAHA Fall Blend

KAHA Fall Blend

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Notes of: Rich Molasses, Hazelnut, With a Long Finish

There is something magical about Fall in New England. With each passing year, we are reminded how beautiful Fall can be, with the leaves of the trees turning bright orange and yellow before they gracefully float to the ground. More so than that, to us Fall is a feeling – a feeling of coziness, and that is exactly what we set out to achieve when crafting our KAHA Fall Blend. 

Some notable attributes that make this coffee really stand out are:

  • A rich flavor and enhanced sweetness that would translate well through the Chemex, Mokapot and French Press
  • Subtle notes of Hazelnut with a very long finish that perfectly complements the overall cup profile
  • Complemented well by milk, cream, oat milk and almond milk

Blend Components & Roasting Approach

The first component we chose for this blend is a wonderful coffee from Brazil of the variety called Yellow Bourbon. This coffee is a Natural process coffee and when taken to a medium/dark roast level, you achieve some incredible depth of flavor. This coffee is used to bring out the body in our Fall Blend as well as its lingering finish.

Roast Level: Medium/Dark Roast TypeFilter Roast – This coffee being Naturally processed means it will require the roasting drum to be cooler than normal when beginning the roast cycle (charge temperature). Once the coffee has begun the roast cycle, we bump up the temperature and keep the airflow to a minimum until first crack, which dramatically increases the body in the cup. Once first crack has begun, we cut the heat to half and increase airflow to draw out any smoke that the bean is letting off. Then we carefully allow this coffee to coast all the way to a medium/dark level. When done right, this coffee will also exhibit a very long finish which we feel is very noticeable in this Fall Blend.

The second component we chose is a washed coffee from Colombia. Coffees from Colombia are typically high grown and dense and this coffee is no exception. It is these characteristics that make this coffee responsible for the incredibly rich molasses and Hazelnut flavor notes found in this Fall Blend.

Roast Level: Medium/Dark Roast Type: Filter Roast - At a growing elevation of 2000 meters above sea level (masl), we knew this coffee was going to require a lot of energy to bring out our desired flavor profile of rich Molasses and Hazelnut flavors. Generally speaking, a higher grown coffee matures slower allowing the sugars in the cherry to make their way into the coffee seed and largely increase the sweetness of the coffee. After a lot blending and tasting, we found this coffee responds best and achieves our desired flavor with a hotter drum and higher airflow.

As with most high quality specialty coffee, both of these coffees are protected by GrainPro hermetic storage solutions to protect the freshness of the coffee while protecting it from mycotoxins due to mold/fungus growth which can compromise the integrity of a specialty coffee

Recommended Brew Methods: Hario V60, Kalita Wave, Beehouse Brewer, Chemex, AeroPress, Clever Brewer, Espresso, Mokapot and all electric drip coffee machines. 


*Like other fruits, coffee is seasonal and we love that! Because of this seasonality, we will occasionally switch out a component for another coffee variety with very similar characteristics. By changing the components with the seasons, we are able to offer the most vibrant coffee flavors all year round, which also allows for importing the freshest green coffee possible. 

Current blend components - 20% Natural Brazil Mogiana, 80% Washed Colombia Excelso EP


Brazil Coffee Details


Vale de Grama, Mogiana


Cachoeira de Grama

ALTITUDE 950–1,150 masl
VARIETALS Yellow Bourbon

Colombia Coffee Details

ORIGIN Colombia

Excelso, EP

ALTITUDE 2,000 masl
VARIETALS Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Tabi