Uganda Natural Rwenzori Single Origin

Uganda Natural Rwenzori Single Origin

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Fruit Punch | Nutmeg | Candy-like Sweetness


*This Single Origin coffee is available in limited quantities. It will be available in 12 oz and 2 lb offerings only. We will mark the offering as sold out once our supply has been exhausted.


This exciting coffee from Uganda really caught our attention with its fruity aromatics indicative of natural processed coffees. Our goal with this single origin offering was to have the coffee stay true to its coffee cherry beginnings and let the fruit-forward notes meld beautifully with the notes of nutmeg, producing an amazingly sweet cup!


Natural processed coffees (sometimes referred to as dry-processed, or sun-dried processed) are typically harvested  when the coffee cherries are at peak ripeness, sorted in a float tank allowing for effective sorting to remove damaged or un-ripe cherries, then transferred to raised beds to dry in the sun with the fruit still surrounding the seeds (coffee beans). Natural processed coffee can be more unpredictable and inconsistent to produce because they are extremely dependent on consistent and favorable weather. The result however is well worth it with coffees having more vibrant true-to-nature fruit forward notes bursting through.


Although Uganda produces primarily the Robusta species of coffee, Arabica species and varieties were introduced from Malawi and Ethiopia in the early 20th century. Today, Arabica production comprises about 20% of Uganda's coffee exports and have seen a dramatic rise in quality over the past 15 years. Farms are around 2.5 hectares in size.


The Coffee:

Producer: Various small lot holders
Region: Uganda
Process: Natural
Varietals: SL34, K7, Blue Mountain 
Roasting Profile: Filter                                                                         

Recommended Brew Methods: Hario V60, Kalita Wave, Chemex, AeroPress, Clever Dripper, and all electric drip coffee machines.