Where do you roast your coffee?

We roast all of our coffee out of our Roastery located at 14 Cedar St, Amesbury, MA 01913.


Do you have a gift card?

Yes we do! You can find it on our product page here. 


How should I store my coffee?

In the bag it came in or in an air tight container. Don't put your coffee in the freezer.


How do I buy your coffee?

Either through our website where it ships straight to your door, or visit one of our awesome partners stocking Kaha Coffee. Check out our partners here.


Do you sell Decaf?

Absolutely! Head over to our product page and grab a bag to try for yourself. 


Can you grind my coffee for me?

Yes we can. There is an option for you to select how you would like us to grind your coffee before you make the purchase.


What type of grinder should I use?

We recommend a Baratza Encore grinder to grind all of your coffee being brewed for filter. As for Espresso, we recommend a Eureka Mignon Espresso grinder. We use these grinders on a daily basis at Kaha and believe they are a great option.


What is the difference between a blend and a Single Origin coffee?

A Single Origin coffee is typically a coffee that can be traced back to either the farm it was grown on, the Co-op it was processed at or what we prefer and aim for - the coffee farmer who grew the coffee. A blend is usually two or more coffees from different origins blended together to create a desired flavor profile. These coffees are usually not traceable down to the farm, Co-op or farmer. We use blends to help with seasonal fluctuations, as this lets us keep a consistent flavor profile throughout the year. Single Origin coffees are a way for us to highlight the seasonality of coffee and the amazing flavors that can be achieved through applying extra care and attention to the green coffee.


What is a Microlot? 

We have a detailed blog post about Microlots here.


What coffee should I use in my French Press?

We recommend our Kia Kaha blend. This coffee is roasted a little darker, with notes of Cocoa and Malt. it also tastes incredible with a splash of cream or milk if that is the way you prefer to drink your coffee. Grab a bag here.


Do you offer a subscription?

Not yet, but due to the demand from our amazing community, we are launching one in the first few months of 2021. Stay tuned!