About us



Quality Over Everything!

The best flavors in coffee are achieved when the coffee is fresh. Not just freshly roasted, but freshly harvested, dried, milled and sent off to our import partners. We then do our best to get the unroasted green coffee to our Roastery as soon as it can be. To achieve true freshness, we rotate the origin of each coffee throughout the year to maximize the different harvest seasons of our favorite coffee producing countries. This lets us keep that amazing sweetness in-tact all year round.

You won't find any ground coffee on our partners shelves, only whole bean coffee to ensure that maximum flavor and complexity is there for you when you open the bag. Everyone Kaha partners with shares the same zero compromise attitude, and we love that! 



But Like, Who Are You?

Tyler and Tina. That's it for now!

Tyler spends his days obsessing over the flavor profiles of our coffees and hunting for the next tasty brew for our tribe of coffee lovers. He also loves talking coffee to anyone who will listen...................................like, he won't stop!

Tina, apart from being a full time Mom, spends her time working on the back end of Kaha tying up loose ends and keeping the wheels turning. Really a bit of everything!

So yea, we are a small business roasting small batch specialty coffee with love, out of Amesbury, MA.