Whats so special?

Great question! When coffee is sourced and roasted properly, the results can be spectacular! Flavors ranging from bakers chocolate to sweet fudge, lemon and blueberries. Pulling these exciting flavors from our coffee is the name of the game here at Kaha and is also no accident. We honor the coffee farmer and all the planning, forward thinking and down right hard work they do by never over roasting our coffee and always striving to pull every last bit of potential from that bean. We think that's kinda special.

Which one is right for me?

Even better question! If you are in the mood for something fruit forward and exciting, try the El Camino. If you want something with deep chocolate notes and a heavy body, try the Kia Kaha. If you really aren't sure, do yourself a favor and grab a bag of Happy Medium, with notes of brown sugar, plum and utter deliciousness - you can't go wrong!

We also have our Vertical Espresso for those who can't get enough of espresso, plus our rotating Single Origin for those looking to try something a little unique.

Happy sipping!