Every batch we roast adheres to three pillars: Quality. Freshness. Flavor. Our commitment to you is that we will only use high quality coffees based on stringent sourcing practices, and ensure that all of our green coffees are hermetically sealed to protect the freshness & integrity of the coffee while preventing the growth of harmful mold and mycotoxins. We are committed to hand crafted, small batch, specialty coffee roasting and approaching coffee roasting with a singular goal: How can we unlock the full potential of this bean? Experience specialty coffee with KAHA Coffee Roasters today!

What's so special?

Great question! When coffee is sourced and roasted properly, the results can be spectacular! KAHA Coffee Roasters specializes in hand crafted, small batch, specialty coffee roasting with a focus on high quality coffees sourced from around the world. If you are unfamiliar with the term Specialty Coffee, it is best summed up as coffee that has been grown, handled, processed, sourced, and roasted with attention to detail to bring out the best of what coffee has to offer, as opposed to the mass-produced coffees typically found at grocery stores which are also referred to in the coffee industry as “commodity coffees.” For more about who we are and what we do, visit our ABOUT US page.



This is a product review of the Alessi Pulcina Espresso Coffee Maker. This is a stovetop mokapot style espresso coffee maker produced by the Italian design factory Alessi in collaboration with illy Research & Development Lab, and designed by architect Michele De Lucchi. It is said to cut off brewing before the coffee becomes bitter and is over extracted as with most mokapot makers.

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Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

As the season changes to fall, we see the return of one of the most popular fall flavors… Pumpkin Spice. For the most part we love to enjoy the flavor notes of our coffees with no creamer or flavorings, but when fall rolls around we can get onboard with a good pumpkin spice latte!

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Cooking and Coffee: Rio Bowl + KAHA Summertime Blend

This summertime recipe features an energy packed Rio Bowl including the Brazilian superfood berry, Açaí. Topped with fresh strawberries, bananas, granola, and honey, this Rio Bowl is both delicious and refreshing. The Rio Bowl paired with KAHA Summertime Blend iced coffee is a combination that's sure to get your day off to an amazing start!

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KAHA Summertime Blend Video

Have you tried KAHA Summertime Blend? It's the perfect coffee for the summer with tasting notes of graham cracker, papaya, and peach it's refreshing hot, iced, or cold brewed! Our owner and head roaster, Tyler, talks about it in this video.

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Introducing the KAHA Variety Pack

The KAHA Variety Pack is perfect for coffee lovers who love to mix up their flavor profiles and roast levels on a daily basis! It's four 6 oz. bags including our best selling core blends from light to dark roast plus our rotating single origin, the Kenyan Babu Tembo. Our owner and head roaster, Tyler, introduces the KAHA Variety Pack in the video below.

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Coffee Product Review - Oatly Oatmilk

We were recently asked what we thought about oatmilk for use with coffee. Since we have only had oatmilk a few times in Espresso drinks at our local coffee shop, we felt we couldn't give our thoughts without trying it out more extensively, so we purchased a box to do a product review! We'll test it with hot coffee, Espresso and ...

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Brewing At Home - 3 Recipes for KAHA Summertime Blend

With the release of our first seasonal blend, the KAHA Summertime Blend, we wanted to share three recipes (hot, iced, cold brewed). We think you'll love these recipes during the summer!

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Cooking and Coffee: Cocoa French Toast, and Ben's Pure Maple Syrup paired with our Happy Medium Blend

One of our favorite breakfast pairings! It’s perfect for making weekend breakfast during the summer, and it's a hit with adults and kids alike. A rich, sweet cocoa French Toast featuring Ben's Sugar Shack Pure Maple Syrup paired with our Happy Medium Blend coffee!

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KAHA Coffee Roasters Brewing With The Aeropress

Have you tried the Aeropress Coffee Press? In this video our owner, Tyler Workman will show you the parts of the Aeropress as well as a simple and easy brew guide that will have you making great coffee every time!

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KAHA Coffee Roasters Welcomes Professional Triathlete Nicole Falcaro

KAHA Coffee Roasters welcomes Professional Triathlete Nicole Falcaro. Not only is Falcaro a professional triathlete, she also carries a separate full time career as a product manager. To fuel her way through both careers, Falcaro relies on KAHA Coffee...

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Variety is the Spice of Life

Variety is the Spice of Life... or in this case... Variety is the Coffee of Life! Coffee is an amazing beverage and it is no wonder that coffee ranks in the top three of most consumed beverages globally with water and tea. Coffee can be complex, and it is this complexity that provides for a seemingly endless spectrum of variety in the coffee world...

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KAHA Coffee Welcomes Chef Nick Peters Bond

KAHA Coffee is proud to announce a partnership with Chef Nick Peters Bond, star of Fox's Hell’s Kitchen Season 14, Hell's Kitchen All Stars, Food Network's Chopped Sweets ...

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