KAHA Decaf Blend

KAHA Decaf Blend

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Dark Chocolate | Molasses | Smooth

Kaha Decaf Blend - for those who don't want the jitters, but still want amazing flavor!

When crafting our Kaha Decaf blend, we approached it with the following goals in mind:

  • A structured flavor profile as opposed to a typical "dull" tasting decaf
  • Tastes just as good with Milk, Cream, Almond or Oat Milk, as it does on its own
  • Can be brewed across multiple brew methods such as a drip machine, pour over, as well as immersion style brewing such as the French Press and Aeropress
  • A balance of flavors including Dark Chocolate and Molasses
  • We wanted a three dimensional profile of: sweetness, dark chocolate, and a long aftertaste

Our primary goal when creating this decaf was to have a blend that offered structured flavor notes, without being a dull tasting coffee. We found that coffees from Mexico when decaffeinated were almost indistinguishable from their caffeinated counterparts - making our decaf blend extremely drinkable across most brew methods and able to stand up very well to Milk, Cream, Almond or Oat Milk.

Methylene chloride is a solvent that is used to bond with and strip caffeine molecules from the green coffee seed. The KVW MC process first uses hot water to extract caffeine and other solubles from the coffee seeds, and then the seeds are removed from the water. Methylene chloride is then added to the water solution, and it bonds with the caffeine; because MC is not miscible with water, it is easily removed from the solution along with the bonded caffeine, and the coffee seeds are re-submerged in order to absorb their soluble compounds. The United States Food and Drug Administration has stated that MC is safe for use in decaffeination processes, and is harmless to humans in consumption of 10 parts per million (ppm) or less. Coffee decaffeinated using this method has been shown to contain a fraction of that safe amount. 

The Coffee:

Producer: Various small lot holders
Region: Mexico - Chiapas
Process: Washed
Varietal: Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Novo
Roasting Profile: Filter                                                                         

Recommended Brew Methods: AeroPress, French Press, all electric drip coffee machines, and the Hario V60. 

*Like other fruits, coffee is seasonal and we love that! Because of this seasonality, we will occasionally switch out a component for another coffee variety with very similar characteristics. By changing the components with the seasons, we are able to offer the most vibrant coffee flavors all year round, which also allows for importing the freshest green coffee possible.