Kia Kaha Blend

Kia Kaha Blend

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Our dark roast blend combines coffee from Brazil and El Salvador
Named after a Maori phrase used as an affirmation by the Maori Battalion during World War II which literally translates to Stay Strong.

Kia Kaha is also a term of consolation or support, similar to hang in there, my thoughts are with you. The Kia Kaha blend pays homage to my home country of New Zealand and it’s the blend I use when I have the sudden urge to use the French Press!

Notes of: Cocoa, Malt, Full body


Current components - 70% Washed Microlot El Salvador, San Raphael

                                       -30% Natural Brazil


El Salvador Coffee Details

FARM San Rafael
VARIETALS Pacas & Bourbon
PROCESS Washed, Grade 1