Cafe hopping around the world

By Tyler Workman

Cafe hopping around the world

New Zealand

Welp, I could fill an entire encyclopedia with my favorite cafes in New Zealand bc they are everywhere and the majority do a knock out job at coffee and food, it’s a huge part of our culture.  It’s more common to meet a friend out for a coffee than it is to meet up at a bar. I won’t go through all my favorite NZ cafes cos like, I just don’t have time ok?! For now let me focus on my favorite cafes in Kerikeri, a smallish town in the far north of New Zealand and the place I call home.  

The best attributes, in my opinion, about Kiwi café’s are

  1. Indoor/outdoor seating as our weather is quite temperate year round
  2. Ordering food is easy as, you order at a counter and pay ahead of time then you’re given a number to take to a table with you and your order is brought to you by an employee of the café and then once you’re done, you can just leave! What a concept!
  3. Oh, and the food and coffee are on point, obviously.

My favs in Kerikeri (or Kezza as I affectionately call it) are:

  • The Rusty Tractor -  @therustytractorcafe on IG –
  • The village café -
  • Wharepuke – the most beautiful magical place, I feel like it’s closed down though, can someone confirm?
  • Honey House cafe – located on a historic site in NZ – beautiful walk to rainbow falls just over the bridge


We met in Spain and bonded over many a café con leche so this country holds a special place in our hearts.  This past April we were able to travel back to Spain to hike a little more of the walk we met on. We love to hunt out the best cafes while traveling, and in Spain there is no shortage. Naturally, on one of our longer layovers in Madrid we discovered, Toma café and with the help of an international plan and GPS we found it easily, and instantly knew it was what we were looking for.  Great coffee may have also had a stereotypical millennial meal of avocado toast as well, so yum. Check them out on IG @tomacafe

Puerto Rico

Ahh, magical Puerto Rico.  If you’ve been to the island you know it’s something special, and if you know Tina you know it’s her favorite place to be.  We’ve been lucky enough to visit a couple times since moving to the states and our last visit was a coffee treat! We stayed in San Juan, a quick easy 3.5-4ish hour flight from Boston, and found heaps of café’s that all served great coffee.  We were lucky enough to have had a friend of a friend who knew the owner of Cuatro Sombras, I’m so sorry I forget his name, but he gave us a tour of his café and barista school and even let Tyler play around on his Slayer espresso machine.  PR has a growing coffee industry and an already present café culture, I see big things happening for the island.

Our fav San Juan, PR cafes:

Café con ce

Cuatros Sombras

Don Ruiz


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