Put a little Pep in your Holiday step

By Tyler Workman

Put a little Pep in your Holiday step

We’ve worked with a few foodies since we opened that have taken our coffee and infused it with their specialties, from Beer to cheese to steak and essential oils, the versatility of this magical fruit is seemingly endless.  Here are a few ideas, variations on classics, and new recipes that’ll be sure to add a little buzz to your holiday staples. 


  • Turkey Coffee Rub – tell tryptophan it can take a hike and give your turkey a little coffee spike!




  • Cold brew stout “milkshake” – A little twist on a Southie classic.  1 part cold brew coffee, 1 part stout beer of choice, ½ ounce vanilla vodka

         Be careful with these, they’ll creep up on you! For more inspo, visit:



  • Brownies on crack – Who doesn’t love a good ooey gooey brownie?!  Toss a little coffee in the mix and you’ve got a stellar twist on an old favorite.



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