KAHA Coffee Roasters Welcomes Professional Triathlete Nicole Falcaro

By Tyler Workman

KAHA Coffee Roasters Welcomes Professional Triathlete Nicole Falcaro

KAHA Coffee Roasters is proud to announce a partnership with Professional Triathlete Nicole Falcaro. Not only is Falcaro a professional triathlete, she also carries a completely separate full time career as a product manager. To fuel her way through both careers, Falcaro has relied on KAHA Coffee as Falcaro explains:

“I’m so amped to partner with KAHA coffee, and that’s not just the Happy Medium blend talking! As someone who has a 9-5 in Product Management in addition to being a professional triathlete, my days are packed to the brim! I appreciate the performance benefits when I’m in a meeting or on my final interval, but I also value the ritual of starting each day with intentionally making a delicious cup of coffee. It’s my first - and sometimes only - quiet part of my day and sets up the rest of my day to proceed with intention. The folks at KAHA care about the quality of the beans and the preparation of the coffee, and that says a lot about who they are and why I’m very grateful for their support.”

A small town upbringing in Northeastern Pennsylvania instilled a drive in Falcaro which has defined both her athletic and personal ambitions as Falcaro explains: "Growing up, there weren’t many opportunities for girls in sports, but I instilled my love of athletics in Little League Baseball. I may not have been as big as the boys, but I was never outworked." Eventually Falcaro found endurance sports where her work ethic in swimming and cross country led to a Division I cross country & track scholarship. With two of the three sports under her belt, the transition to triathlon was a natural one.

Falcaro's drive, dedication, and passion for life makes her a perfect choice to represent KAHA Coffee Roasters as a brand ambassador, making her our first official KAHAthlete!

Follow Nicole Falcaro for KAHA Coffee giveaways, recipes, live videos, and more:
Instagram: @nmf005
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/froggy186
Strava: https://www.strava.com/pros/255147




  • That’s my girl put 1/2 the boys to shame in lil league.i sure was a proud Coach oh and her Dad.lol
    Kaha coffee is awsome like Nicole

    Michael FALCARO on

  • Great job‼️ AmazinG backgrounD with dedication and passion— if It works for you- you bet I will place my order now❣️☕️ So Proud Of you 💪💪

    Debbie Schirico on

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