Variety is the Spice of Life

By Tyler Workman

Variety is the Spice of Life

Variety is the Spice of Life... or in this case... Variety is the Coffee of Life! Coffee is an amazing beverage and it is no wonder that coffee ranks in the top three of most consumed beverages globally with water and tea.

Coffee can be complex, and it is this complexity that provides for a seemingly endless spectrum of variety in the coffee world. Coffee comes from many different growing regions around the world, it comes in different roast levels, it comes in whole bean or pre-ground, you can get hot coffee, Iced Coffee, Cold Brew Coffee, etc. You can visit a friend's home and see a Stovetop Mokapot, an Aeropress, a Pour Over, a French Press, a drip coffee machine, etc., etc.

There are Cappuccino's, Lattes, Flat Whites, Cortados, Espressos, Cold brew, Iced coffee, Pour Over coffee, etc., etc.

 You can drink coffee with cream, milk, steamed milk, oat milk, almond milk, soy milk, sugar, honey, agave, etc., etc.

We at KAHA Coffee Roasters encourage trying new things and experimenting with coffee. One of the things we look forward to is adding to our coffee maker collection. Many self-proclaimed coffee geeks (raising our hands) will have a number of different coffee makers at their home. People are shocked at how changing some of the variables such as the brew method/coffee maker, grind size, water temperature, etc. can make one coffee taste like nine different coffees.

You can get different flavor profiles such as fruity, floral, chocolately, smokey, etc. and characteristics such bright acidity, heavy body, etc. from coffees through a variety of ways:

  • Through different brew methods/coffee makers
  • Using different grind sizes (fine, medium-fine, medium, coarse, etc.)
  • Using different water temperatures (coffee extracts differently with different temperatures of water)
  • Using different filters (bleached, un-bleached, paper, steel mesh)
  • Using varying steep/brew times
  • Using different roast levels
  • By trying different origins
  • By trying different Cultivars/Varietals (the type of coffee as defined by the coffee plant's classification)

As a real world example, when we had our previous Single Origin, the Burundi, we were able to extract pronounced notes of Rose Water from the Burundi coffee using the Aeropress Coffee Maker that we were unable to extract from our other coffee makers such as the Chemex, Hario V60, French Press, Mokapot, Moccamaster, etc. By experimenting with different coffees, brewing methods, etc. you can open up a whole new world of flavors.

If you would like to try a variety of roast levels, blends, and origins, try our all new KAHA Variety Pack which includes three of our best selling Core Blends + our current Single Origin coffee in four convenient 6 oz bags. If you would like to experiment with a new coffee brewing method, be sure to look at our Aeropress Coffee Maker which combines full immersion and pressure brewing for a great cup of coffee across any roast level, grind size, or water temperature.

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  • I think I will need to upgrade my coffee making to take advantage of the wonderful KAHA blends!

    Barbara A Lorenc on

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